Clear Expectations

Had to do a great deal of driving the past couple of days for work by myself. Good reflective time to do some thinking and to put some things in perspective.

It is time for the “List” to come out!!! School is out in a couple of weeks.

Let’s take a step back. Last summer we set a list of what I would consider clear expectations for each of the kids. And I have to give credit to my soon to be 4th grader that he wants to know what the clear expectations are for him so that he can get on to what he perceives as his fun stuff.

Now the trouble is that if it is not on the list, he struggles in making the next step to what is next. Pick up your room does not mean putting the things that were on the floor onto your bed.

I think the key this summer for me is to show him how to make that next step.

If we make that leap to the professional world….

As a manager I need to continue to set clear expectations so that my staff works in a smooth manner. It is when those “lists” are not known by staff that problems arise.


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