Golf as it Relates to Social Media

Got the clubs out and hit the ball on Friday and today. Now I know there are tons of comparisons between life and golf. Things like the hazards being compared to things that jump into your path to slow you down.

But I think there is a also a comparison between social media and golf. My example today will be between playing in a scramble and how it compares to social media.

A scramble is when each player in a team tees off on each hole, and the players decide which shot was best. Every player then plays their second shot from within a club length of where the best shot has come to rest, and the procedure is repeated until the hole is finished.

But during that time some people contribute more, some play a supporting cast, and some are just along for the ride and the beer.

As that relates to social media……

There are people that are strong contributors in social media. People that make a positive contribution. These are the people that are clutch in your scramble with the monster drive from the tee box. They are real leaders in social media.

There are the people that hit the safe shot so the big risk takers can attempt to reach the green in two for the long par 5. The safe shot people in social media are the on the plus of dabbling. They are working hard to figure it out and more times than not that are doing good work in social media.

Those along for the ride…they think that Social Media is just about making money. Just keep pumping product and pumping sales. They are not good for your golf outing and not good for social media either.


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