Does Anyone Really Know What Time it is

Time is a necessary evil in life. We never have enough and we are always running out of it. And on the flip side we watch the clock and it click slowly when we are on our last day of work before a long vacation.

I coach a sport where every race is measured in seconds and tenths of a second. Yet, I have student/athletes that cannot make it to practice at the scheduled start time.

I often joke that if we could figure out how to make a 36 hour day we would be all set.  Morris Day even had his backup singers called the Time. And Luke was trying to figure out last night how many hours were left until school was done.

But do we really need a 36 Hour Day?

If we use the time we have and place our priorities in the right spot, could we not make everything fit in?

I try to use a calendar to schedule my days, weeks, months. For the most part I do a pretty good job of managing my calendar.  Note the choice of words. I do not let the calendar manage me. There is a difference.

But, I do a poor job of working with other peoples calendars.  I know this is a fault and I am working on improving it.  The challenge I run into the most is when I run into people or groups of people that do not have the ticking clock noise in the their head at the same volume as I do.

Here are 5 things that can help you out when you run into this conundrum:

1.  Thank the person for taking time out of their day to meet/discuss/chat with you.  Even if your meeting is only for 15 minutes, and even more so if you are the reason you are starting late

2. Have an agenda and stick to the topics that need to be covered.  Try to never let your meeting get HiJacked

3.  Ask the person if they have the scheduled time to meet or if they have other appointments to attend

4.  Always be the time keeper.  At the proper time, remind the meeting goers how much time is left.  My recommendation is at the half way point and when there is 1/4 of the meeting left

5.  Allow for a time to recap so that everyone has clear Action Items or Takeaways


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