And we are Underway….

After spending the past 6 months working on quotes, numbers, meetings…the big unveiling occurred tonight at the Waukesha North Booster Club meeting.  Until this point, it was just a dream.  A dream that includes one day, having a home swim meet where all the starting, timing, and scoreboards work for every event.

System 6

We brought in the Colorado System 4 that was giving to us back in 1994.  We brought in a touch pad that has banana clips that are broken off.  We brought in the Daktronics HS100 starter that is all rusted.

We discussed the fact that we had to borrow a touch pad from our good friend and Head Coach Brian Wright at Waukesha West to allow us to have 6 touch pads working for our dual meets.  We talked about how we switched touch pads in the middle of a 400 Free during the season.  We also talked about how key it is to having functional equipment when you are setting pool records.

We talked about how in the past four years the team has produced 13 individual event WIAA State Qualifiers, and 7 relay event Qualifiers.  In addition to that the team has produced 20 Academic All-Americans, and this past season the team had a GPA of 3.843 on a 4.0 scale.

The team is 15-3 at home over the past 4 seasons.

We talked about how we are creating an environment where Student/Athletes can be strong leaders.  In fact, my 2 Captains for next season came to the meeting.  That along with their parents.

It will be a long process.  It is going to take a good deal of work and support.  Luckily, we are working with a great core of parents that have been “All IN” since the beginning.

A couple of fund raisers are in process to assist in the process.  We will continue to investigate all possibilities for larger donations.

And the dream is underway….


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5 responses to “And we are Underway….

  • cathie

    best wishes for success in your fundraising endeavors!

    • kbedalov

      Thanks for the reply Cathie.

      The process will be a hard one. But the equipment is old and seen its better days. I should have jokes that Bloomier was retiring because of the poor equipment 🙂

  • Brian

    Good luck. Let me know if I can help at all. We just got a new System 6 and a couple new touch pads last year. It is definitely a process to get the funds to do that. Now you need a project to make that pool 7 feet shorter…

    • kbedalov

      Thanks Brian. And it is really just Phase I of the Evil Plan. Phase II is starting blocks and new diving board and Phase III is a ton of Concrete!!!!

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