Anna’s Birthday

The story has been told a couple of times and just like any story, it seems to get bigger and better as the years go on.  This story is about the day day Anna was born back on this day back in 1999.

Inside Baby

Michelle was in Madison to start getting things ready for the birth.  You see, Anna was not suppose to come out for another couple of weeks, so we both thought it was fine to be apart for the weekend.  I stayed in Waukesha and went out to my fraternity house to participate in our Founder’s Day celebration.

Around 9PM on Saturday night, I called Michelle’s parents house and let them know that I was going to stay at 120 McCall in Waukesha and not drive home back to Milwaukee.  While at the House, the guys and I decided to head to the Club 400.  A great, small, local bar here in Waukesha.

Earlier in the day, Michelle and her parents went shopping.  She spent a great deal of time on her feet.

One thing leads to another, and all of sudden the Club 400 is closing.  It is now 2:30 AM.  We stumble back from the Club back to the House.  We drink a few more beers and make a pizza.  Around 4 AM we finally all crash.

Sometime in the middle of the night, Michelle’s water breaks and instead of going to a hospital in Madison, Michelle’s parents drive back to Milwaukee to Columbia Hospital.  Michelle’s Dad drops off the girls and drives back out to Waukesha to find me.  I am sleeping in the TV Room.  Michelle’s Dads name is Dave.  The time is sometime before 7 AM

Anna's First Steps

Dave: Hey you need to wake up!

Kyle:  What?

Dave: We are having the Baby!

Kyle: What?

Dave: Get up we are having the Baby!

Kyle: I cannot see straight, how are we going to have a Baby!  You need to drive…I may still be drunk

Before the smoking ban in Wisconsin, anytime you left a bar, you always smelled like the bar.  Stinky, smoky, etc.  I was still in my “Bar Clothes”.  Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Michelle is telling the nurses where I am and what I was doing.

I get to the room.  And the nurse jumps down my throat immediately.  “What type of father are you going to be!!!”  I smelled like the Club 400.

Anna's 1st Wedding

Well, no baby for a while.  Michelle was having contractions.  I needed a shower bad!  I needed to go back to sleep!  But there would be none of that.  The Doctors said we had some time before the baby came so Michelle’s parents went back home.

Around 8 PM on Sunday, on Mother’s Day, the nurses said the contraction were still far enough apart that I could go to the cafeteria and get some food.  But everything was closed except the vending machines.  I used all my small bills at the bar the night before and all I had was a $20, but those machines only take $1’s and $5’s.  I put my $20 into the change machine and received twenty dollars in quarters and bought my dinner.  Ate by myself in the basement.

I took the elevator back to the birthing center, and two guys who just had their babies, told me to hurry and get back to the room.  I run down the hall and the nurses are telling Michelle to stop pushing because the Dr. was not there yet. Being a Sunday, the Dr. was on call and not at the hospital.

The Dr. walks in a little after 9, steps into the gown and a couple of pushes, Anna comes out. One of the greatest day’s of my life.

Today is her birthday and she will always be remembered to me with her dramatic entrance!


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