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This past weekend was the Waukesha Optimist Swim Meet held over at the Waukesha South Natatorium.  Each grade school has 3 to 5 hours of practice for their 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders leading up to the meet.  It is suppose to be a meet of kids comprised of no competitive swimming experience to give them exposure to the sport.  It is a fun filled day.

My son, Luke, participated in his first Optimist.  As a Coach, I was excited.  As a Parent, I was nervous.  Luke has not had many opportunities to perform in an individual sports contest before.  Everything up to this point has been a team sport.  So the excited part wanted to see how well he would perform, the nervous part was worried about failure.  You see, Luke is hard on himself when he does not succeed.  I am not sure where he gets that from 🙂

The meet itself is a great time.  All of the kids from Bethesda swam, plunged, and dove very well.

And, Luke did well.  And not because he finished in the top 3 of his events.  He did well because he did something that he did not know he could do.

He told Michelle before the relay that he was going to swim “mad”…because he swims better when he is “mad”.  Not sure what that really means, but I know that it caused him to focus at the task at hand.

At the end it was exciting as Coach, and proud to be Dad.


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