Cheat Codes

Really been struggling with this one.  Is it being tenacious with a strong desire to succeed via a great work ethic and wanting to finish a project OR is it just a lazy way out?

Luke has been playing a Nintendo DS for a long time.  At the age of 9, he is already on his second one.  He puts a great deal of mileage on it.

I made the mistake one time when he and I were playing Lego Star Wars – The Complete Saga for the Wii and we were 98% complete, to download the Walk Thru to find the last 2%.  That was the start of the end.

Now fast forward as Luke tries to play the Legend of Zelda.

Once he gets stuck, he jumps to the WWW and starts looking for the answer.

I have to give him credit.  He learned about bookmarks real quick on a browser.  He learned how to do a search via Yahoo.  He learned to find the Walk Through/Cheat Code.  He then still had to apply the stuff he was reading and still perform the actions in the game.

I can see the plus and the minus on both sides.  He is being creative and learning and using his powers for good.

But there are no Cheat Codes in life.


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2 responses to “Cheat Codes

  • Brian

    I watched a kid in college play Final Fantasy 7 with the strategy guide in his lap. Always wondered what the fun in that was…

  • kbedalov

    Thanks Brian. It does seem kind of off. Kind of like people that bought the Rubik’s Cube and then spent the $10 to purchase the Solve Book

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