March Madness

From my childhood memory it use to 32 teams, then it became 48 teams for a couple of years, then in 1985 it became 64 teams.  For the last 10 years it has been 65 teams with one play-in game, and now it is 68 teams with four play off games.

So if you were playing one of those sequence games with numbers and had to guess what it was it would look like this:

8, 16, 22, 25, 32, 40, 48, 52, 53, 64, 65, 68

We are talking about the best three weeks of sports behind the Packers being in the Super Bowl, and that is what is known as March Madness.  It is a time where you can turn on any game and it now finally means something.  High School or College, Men’s or Women’s.   It is a time where last second shots always fall, hustle for loose balls becomes a bit more intense, and each possession becomes even more critical.

I think that with the dismantlement of Bucky Badger on Sunday, Ohio State will be the number 1 seed and the overall number 1 seed.

If Kansas can make it to the semis of the Big 12 tournament, then I think Rock Chalk Jayhawk should get a 1 seed

Assuming that both Pittsburgh and Notre Dame make it to the Big East title game, that winner should get a 1 seed, and if North Carolina and Duke make final of the ACC, then that winner should get the last 1 seed; with the losers both getting 2 seeds.

Ohio State, Kansas, Pittsburgh, North Carolina will be my 1 seeds

Duke, Notre Dame, Purdue, BYU will be my 2 seeds

San Diego State, Georgetown, Wisconsin, Florida will be my 3 seeds

I am usually not very good at this, so you should not be betting your life savings on any of this.  Pairings come out this Sunday.


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