Stay on Target

There are times in life where a leader must set the course.  And there are going to be naysayers, haters, detractors in the crowd.  They may be verbal and they may be quiet.  And sometimes this leader, either appointed or hired or had the title thrust upon them, must embrace the opportunity in front of them.  That person must Set the Objectives, Have a Strong Vision for the Success, Communicate the blueprints for Execution, and then Carry out the Details.

At times the journey is a lonesome one.  At times, the leader may question if they are doing the correct thing.  At times, there is a key blow to the leader that puts them at a distinct disadvantage, or a key piece of their character is questioned or even severely physically injured.  It is also crucial that the Leader call upon their top assistants and aids and confidants and friends and mentors to help them get through the difficult times.  They may even have thoughts of ending the journey because of the work required to be successful.

But alas, the leader picks themselves up.  Wakes up each morning and attacks the next day.  They answer the critics either through thoughts, words, or actions.  They Stay on Target and then take themselves to yet a higher level.

Life is hard.  No one said it was going to be easy.  You must work smart and have strong desire.

I have seen this in my personal life, and I have seen it happen to those around me.  Only a strong individual can survive this.  And only a person that can learn from their mistakes can be that strong.

Yes Luke Skywalker is just a character in a movie.  But being the Head Coach of a High School swim team is real.  Being a PTO Leader is real.  Being a Husband and Father is real.  Being a Day Camp Director is real.  Being the Captain on a Varsity Team is real.  Being a Service Manager is real.  Being a Wife and Mother is real.  All require the challenge of being a great leader.

Billy Arcement posted today that “Great Leaders are reliable and responsible.  They get the job done and they do it well”

Although this is not always defining me….I sure do try to strive for it every single day!


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