Recharge the Batteries

Vacation is the only real time that I have to catch up on reading and to see what else is going on in life. I know it sounds sad, but I recharge while away from work reading and thinking about ways to make my professional life better which in turn makes my personal life better.

Sometimes I make a complete void of work and focus on my family and other times I let my brain wander about becoming a better professional.

I have been meeting with my staff to set goals and to have them on paper, when I came across this little nugget from @DaveRamsey via Twitter::

Goals convert vision into energy. When you write your goals down, you immediately start feeling the earth move under your feet.

Wow. That is powerful! This Fires me UP!!

Next, I read this from Chris Brogan. He is a social media guru. He wrote a great book called Trust Agents. Loved it. I own it so let me know if you want to read it. It basically tells you why you should properly use social media tools but does not tell you which tools to use. This link is a little do and don’t s that may help in out upcoming en devours. If you are not following him on Twitter you should @chrisbrogan.

Use the tools correctly and recharge yourself once in a while.


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