Agree Disagree Yellow Red Coke Pepsi

Don’t have to many readers of the posts I make, but to the ones that do I say THANKS.

Each day I wake up I try to be a  better husband, better father, better co-worker, better friend, better follower of Christ, a better Swim Coach, a better PTO president, a better leader in the Community than I was the day before.  I try hard every day.

Some days I fail.  Some days I succeed.  And there are no OFF days in my life, nor do I want there to be any.

I use to tell Michelle that the reason that I do not like taking naps is that I might be missing an opportunity become a better person.   Well, not in those exact word, but something close.  And besides Sleep is Over Rated.

I think that America is a great place to live.  We have enough laws (some may think too many or too few) to keep us for the most part rational human beings.  We all have opinions, and we have every opportunity to voice said opinions.  We can blog about them like I do here, you can post them on Facebook, you can write a book, you can even do it in 140 characters.

Point being that with over 310 million people living in the US, we are never all going to agree.  Never.  It is impossible.

You may like the color Yellow, but I like Red.

You make like Butter Pecan, but I cannot stand it and like Carmel Chocolate Cookie Dough.

You may like the #88 and the #3 but I would rather have the #24 win each week in NASCAR.

You may be for the Health Care Bill, and although I think Health Care costs are too high, I do not like the bill.

You may think that Spiderman was the best superhero, but I would tell you that mine are Captain America followed closely by the Flash.

You may like Coke, but Pepsi is my choice.

You may like the movie Space Balls, but I find it mocking Star Wars to be a bit over the top.

You may think that public sector Unions should have collective bargaining rights, I think the other way.

Heck, I think that Ditka was wrong not to give Walter Payton a carry near the Goal Line when the Bears won the Superbowl, and I am not even a Bears fan.

We just need to be able to live together and get along.  We may not agree, and even if we discuss it until the cows come home, you may not change my view, nor may I change yours.  We should agree to disagree.

I lost my job back in 2008.  It put a great deal of things in perspective for me.  I realized who my friends were/are and I realized what was important to my happiness.  Becoming a better person.  That is what is important to me.  Lead by your actions and be a great listener.


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