Super Bowl Champions Wrap Up

Nothing like a solid 6 game win streak to end the season.  The last loss  was the 2nd one of back to back losses where people, including

Need to stop Eye Glare!

me, thought that the ship was taking on too much water.  Those were to the Lions at Detroit and to the Patriots at New England.  The later was with Matt Flynn at starter.

Now to the game itself….tons of commentary, and these are in no particular order.

  • The FG attempt by Suisham was a head scratcher.  A 51 yard attempt is not all that unusual but when you had stopped the Packers offensively and had forced 2 straight punts, just seemed a little odd
  • Looked like the Steelers gave up on the run too soon.  Thought they were exploiting the right side pretty well
  • Time Management was something we thought the Packers were weak on, but turns out it was the Steelers that burned precious time down the stretch.

    Channeling the inner Reggie White

  • Drops…I am not sure how A-Rodg does not blow someone up big time with Jones and Jordy dropping so many passes.  A-Rodg should have been close to 400 yards passing.  I am not sure that I have seen that many balls all season be on the hands and dropped.
  • Disappointed that a screen was not run late in the game.  Thought the drive that ended in a FG could have had a screen on first down
  • Had to channel Reggie White in the 4th.  Left the signed helmet in the case, but made people touch the case and held on to it in one hand in the 4th quarter
  • Packers had a great deal of Run/Pass balance in the previous 3 playoff games.  Not in the SuperBowl.  11 Attempts.  But I thought they were at the right time and Starks did a great job of performing when needed.
  • No stats in the box score for John Kuhn
  • Desmond Bishop probably had his best game of the season.  Three tackles for a loss.  Does that make the Packers the only team with two different Desmond’s to have Super Bowl rings

    Super Bowl Champs

  • Obvious play of the game is Matthew’s hit on Mendenhall to force the fumble.  When Woodson goes out of the game at half, someone needed to make a play
  • I know that this gets a lot of play because every team that wins says this, but I thought that they really played as a TEAM all season.  Now one person bigger than the system.  No one player bigger than the rest.  No one player thinking his stuff does not stink.  In an era where we have a group of NBA players that look for more attention, the Packers have a solid core of TEAM first guys.  This has to be Ted making sure he gets quality individuals into the system.

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