The kids thought today would be a snow day.  They did the little snow dance, they put spoons under their pillow, they put a white crayon in the freezer, and I think they even flushed an ice cube down the toilet, all in hopes for the elusive Snow Day.  But, Mother Nature did not oblige yet.

So the question for me is when did we reach the tipping point where people are so self absorbed that they drive without brushing off their car.  Now, maybe self absorbed is a little strong, and maybe some people think it is a bit presumptuous of me to tell other people that they need to brush off their car.

But is it not just a matter of safety?  And a matter of helping those around you drive better in these poor conditions.  If you already have 6 inches of snow on your car, do you think that the extra 5 minutes it takes to brush off  your car are going to get you to your destination any faster?  Chances are the road conditions are poor and slow, and you not brushing off your car are now adding to the pain the rest of us are going through.

Maybe we need to have a Snow Removal Awareness Month and use a White Ribbon??


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2 responses to “SNOW Day

  • Theresa

    My kids had a 2 hour delay…between weather, holidays, and exams they haven’t had a full week of school yet this year! And major pet peeve: folks who carve a 4″ circle in the snow on their windshield and except that to be enough…

  • kbedalov

    Theresa – Thanks for reading. We get enough snow every year so this is not something that a Wisconsinite should not be aware of.

    And I did see two of the “Hole Large enough for my excellent 20/20 vision to allow me to drive perfectly in ANY conditions” on the way in this morning.

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