BIG Game

The big game is this week. Winner to the Super Bowl, loser is just that, a loser

I have not been trashing talking anyone or anything the past few weeks. Karma is a bitch when it bites you in the ass!!

For Christmas I got a Clay Matthews jersey and I have not let Michelle wash it yet because the Packers keep winning and I am afraid

Clay Matthews #52

of having all the positive mojo taken off the jersey.

I believe, like Kevin Costner does in Bull Durham, in the streak. You just do not mess with it. So I have been wearing the same shirt each game day.

On paper, the Packers are better in almost every major statistical category except for maybe punt return average and run defense….besides that they are better than the Bears.

And if the watched the Bear/Seahawks you noticed the Bear put some more gimmick offense in the mix by running the Wildcat three times including a Matt Forte INT. Has to be for potential schemes this week.

The real Jay Cutler will show up Sunday. We all know it. Packers should win easily. They are the better team.


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3 responses to “BIG Game

  • dan

    i’ll trash talk all day long, i don’t care if we lose. if i say the bears suck, and we lose, i still think they suck!

  • Chris Ross

    Gutsy call there bud. Should be a good game though

    • kbedalov

      Thanks for reading. I have watched a great deal of Packer and Bear games and Packers vs Bear games. I have not seen the Packers play this well the past three weeks since #4 was the QB and jacked up on Vicadin. On offense, this team is clicking on all cylinders. The Bears now actually have to game plan to stop the run instead of thinking of it as an after thought. The Bears beating an under .500 team that used their deal with the devil the week before, hardly makes the performance that of stellar. Barring a mas turnover riddled Packer display, is could easily by 35-7 Packers. Just one man’s opinion.

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