Too Much Money for Time Warner Cable

It has come time to once again start looking for alternatives to Time Warner Cable for my cable TV service. Up to this point it was over the air, TWC, or Satellite.

But now UVerse is available at my house. The funny story there is that my brother, who lives 5 houses away, has had UVerse for close to 2 years now.

Yes, I could cancel all of it and become a better member of society by watching less television. But things like the Rose Bowl, Monday Night Football, Badger Basketball are all on stations like ESPN or ESPN2. My kids really enjoy shows like iCarly and Zach & Cody, etc…

That means giving it up completely is probably out of the question.

I have heard so many things wrong with Satellite, so I am going to discount that.

Time Warner Cable wants me to bundle home phone service every time we call. But we do not need a home phone. We have enough cell phones that we bought the Verizon Signal Booster to allow for a full house of coverage. Not sure how else to explain it to TWC.

Just looking for some advice or direction from some of you out there have done.


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5 responses to “Too Much Money for Time Warner Cable

  • dan d

    you’ve seen it at my house in action…..the programming for directv is awesome, but the service sucks.

  • Mike

    The real issue is that you use your email address for too many things. That’s why I’ve started using a web based email address. And in time will get rid of Time Warner for something better, and hopefully cheaper.

    • kbedalov

      Valid point, but I have no problems with the internet service so even though I may start migrating to a gmail or hotmail account, I am disappointed with ALL providers that they want me to Bundle stuff.

  • Mike

    The ideal package would allow me to choose the 200 channels I want. Sure would be a nice idea to be able to choose a la carte. I understand that I may have to get all of the NBC channels(MSNBC,CNBC) when I choose NBC, but I would like the choice to not have all the spanish channels, and choose my own sports channels. I don’t need the tennis channel.

  • Brian

    had uverse for maybe 3 years now…love it. only thing i miss from TW is the local sports channel.

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