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Interesting thing happened today and I am not 100% sure that my vote will be counted today.

My polling place is Waukesha West High School and I live in Ward 36. Got in the Ward 36 line around 7:35 AM

While in line, I noticed the vote taking device was turned around and people were placing their ballots in what looked like a drop box in the back of the machine.

Still not having a ballot my curiosity peaks after the following event: a poll worker comes from behind one of the registration desks and says in a loud voice “Emptying the machine”.. She proceeds to grab an unmarked white bag that looked like a garbage bag, opens the back side of the machine and places all the ballots in the white bag. She then disappears out of my view.

I then filled out my ballot.

I walk up to place my ballot in the machine. A city worker turns the machine around, and asks me to try the machine.

I am the first one of a short line of around 12 people waiting to cast their marked ballot.

I place my ballot in the machine, and the counter does not increment. Poll worker asks the City worker, “Does that mean the ballot was counted”. City Worker “No. We will need to get that out of the machine”

The entire time an Election Observer was watching and taking notes.

At this point I am a little depressed that it is 2010 and we still vote in a process like we live in the ERA of the Flintstones

Not sure if my ballot was counted. Not sure it matters. I tried. But there has to be a better way.


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