Catholic Memorial Results

Good diving and Good swimming tonight.  After the stats were entered, there were 32 season best.  Those stats are up on the web site.


If you did not hear the final scores, they were Varsity 113-52 and JV 113-29.


We are at about the half way point of the season.  After next week’s dual with Pius and Sprint Meet at Nicolet it will be time to start narrowing our focus on the events we swim.


This will be a key time to not get sick and to stay warm at night.  Although after tonight’s meet, we probably need to break out the long sleeves for swimming/diving in the Polar Cap known as the North Pool.  Might need to try to get some extra sleep if possible.


North Homecoming is this weekend.  KM has theirs next weekend.  Please be safe and stay out of trouble J


Thanks to the timers and the concession stand workers.  Without you, these meets would not run as smooth.



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