Classic 8 Conference Relay Results

Good swims by the majority of the team last night at the Arrowhead pool.

Varsity finished 3rd and the Junior Varsity finished 2nd. It is the highest JV finish in the past 4 years at this meet.

((As an aside…the JV results were printed in the Journal Sentinel today as the Varsity results. I received numerous emails from people thinking that the Varsity finished 2nd. ))

JV earned its first 1st place finish in an event in the past 4 years by winning the 4X50 Butterfly Relay.

Varsity also earned its first medal at this meet in the past 4 years with a 2nd place finish in the 4X100 IM relay.

As my old Geometry teach told us once, we are all Barnacles on the Wheels of Progress.

Let's keep working hard.


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